ABH Dip Brow

The past few months I have been working on getting my eyebrows on point. In that journey, I have tried several different products so I thought why not just have a week of eyebrow products. So Here we are, starting with Anastasia Beverly Hills's Dip Brow. The package is the traditional black matte with the... Continue Reading →


Flawless Beauty Sponge.

  Finishing out my Morphe week with my favorite product from the ones I tired. This is their Flawless Beauty Sponge and my product of the week. The packaging is simple. I like being able to see what the hell I'm getting. I really did the "Blend The Rules" which just sums up a blender... Continue Reading →

Jaclyn Hill Palette

Continuing my Morphe week with the palette everyone was talking about so much that made me want to give it a  try.  Honestly, I had heard of Morphe but not Jaclyn Hill. I was just starting to get into watching beauty blogger on occasion. I'm still not that girl who goes on there binges them... Continue Reading →

Morphe 502 Set

This week I will be reviewing Morphe products that I have literally had for months. When I say months I mean I  got them in like February. I have used them fell in love with them. I just have not reviewed them and,  I honestly don't know why. Seriously I use them just about every... Continue Reading →

Brow Contour Pro

Finishing out my Benefit's week with the product of the week. This is one that I was probably the most excited about in a  while. This is their Brow Contour Pro,  from the moment I saw the previews of it I had to have it cause it looks like the future of makeup. Well, at... Continue Reading →

Benefits Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer

This week I'm going to be reviewing some Benefit Cosmetics that I have been playing around with for like  3  months and just not reviewed.  I have not clue why cause I'm pretty into them. This is the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer, which I  actually 1st  tried last year when I got a  free sample from Sephora.... Continue Reading →

No Place to Hide Palette

Let me start by saying Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!! I'm continuing my Halloween themed week by reviewing the next of the Hot Topic Exclusive palettes that just recently came out for this season. This one is the Friday the 13th theme eyeshadow Palette appropriately named No Place to Hide. If you have even seen one of these... Continue Reading →

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