KVD’s Mother of All

I chose this as my product of the week based on the fact that this particular Friday happened to fall on the anniversary of my own mother's death. She is the reason I have my love of Lipstick. Growing up I watched her get ready for some event and put on  lipstick as the finishing... Continue Reading →


Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner

This is the limited edition collaboration between Kat and Billie Joe Armstrong. When they announced this months ago I realized it was a dream collaboration that I didn't know I wanted. Plus it's named after one of my favorite Green Day songs. The packaging is the matte black as most of Kat's products are. This... Continue Reading →

No post today.

Hey! Just wanted to let y'all know. There will be no post today for Product of the Week. My head isn't in it today. I will be back on Monday. Thank you! Have a happy and Safe weekend!

YSL’s Touch Eclat Le Teint

Here is another random sample  I got with a Sephora order. I always want to  try anything I can from YSL. The few things I have tried I've not be disappointed. These tin wrapper are super fancy. So I'm super pale as you already know. This stuff is at least 2 shades darker than me.... Continue Reading →

Time’s Up!

Tonight this  movement is in full effect at the Golden Globes. I wanted to  share this so that it can spread more than it  already  has. When you have a platform of  any kind even one as small as mine you have to  use it. If you haven't  heard of this movement. Please look into... Continue Reading →

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

I've recently been jumping onto the bandwagon that is Anastasia Beverly Hills. As you can tell from this week of posts. I've tried a bit of  everything at this point. I decided to make this one my product of the week. Since I adore Lipsticks/lip glosses. I got this during another Weekly Wow with Sephora.... Continue Reading →

Leave your Mark.

Here is another book review I've had in my drafts that I did on my old blog that I was  testing. I thought this one would be the perfect  book to  put the  review up for the  beginning of the  new year. This book keep popping up in my recommendations on Amazons after I  bought... Continue Reading →

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